We must all hang together,
 or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.

– Benjamin Franklin, 1776

Boys and the Boy Crisis Conference
July 13-14, 2007 in Washington D.C.

Boys and the Boy Crisis Conference Video



Two DVD set

of the Boys and the Boy Crisis Conference

This two DVD set offers over 6 hours of high quality video featuring speakers including best selling author Warren Farrell, Glenn Sacks, Father's 4 Justice founder Matt O'Connor, Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson authors of Spreading Misandry and Legalizing Misandry, Stephen Baskerville author of Taken Into Custody, Christina Hoff Sommers who wrote the War Against Boys and many more. This is a powerhouse of presentations by some of the best minds in the world on the topic of men and boys. As rich with knowledge and as provocative as it was live these two DVD's won't disappoint. Play it on your DVD at home or take it on your laptop to gatherings and mens' events. Play it at gatherings to learn and discuss.

Full motion menu's and DVD quality video make this set an even greater value. Camera work was done professionally by Mike Seeber of Seeber Video.

Full contents is listed below.

The 2 DVD set costs $24.99 with 4.95 shipping

Disc One

Warren Farrell The Boys’ Crisis: the Danger; the Opportunity (1:46)
Glenn Sacks Can boys (and girls) be raised without men? The drive to diminish the importance of fathers. (:26)
Paul Nathanson Coming of Age as a Villain: What Young Men Need to Know in a Misandric World (Part One) (23)
Katherine Young Coming of Age as a Villain: What Young Men Need to Know in a Misandric World (Part Two) (37)
Tom Golden How and Why Boys and Girls Differ in Processing Emotion and Stress (25)
Matt O’Connor Father Figure (25)

Disc Two

Malia Blom Strategies for Success: A Toolbox for helping Boys in School (:20)
Gordon Finley The New Gender Divide in Higher Education: Long-Term Social and Occupational Implications (:21)
J. Steven Svoboda Moving into the 21st Century with Joy: Protecting Boys from Circumcision (:18)
Stephen Baskerville Boys: The Next Fathers (:28)
Christina Hoff Sommers The War Against Boys: Has it Ended? (:28)
Panel -- Where do we go from here? Warren Farrell, Stephen Baskverille, Katherine Young, Paul Nathanson, Glenn Sacks, Christina Hoff Sommers, Matt O’Connor. (:28)